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Before starting with our tutorials of HTML we should first understand HTML basic components.

These are HTML basic components:-

  1. HTML Tags
  2. HTML Elements
  3. HTML Attribute

1).HTML Tags

Tags in Html are a basic element of Html documents. Tags are a kind of sign board which tells the browser how to present the contents nested inside. Every tag performs different tasks in an HTML document.

A tag starts with a less-than angle bracket (<) and ends with greater-than angle bracket (>) with tag name in-between.


Every tag must be enclosed in < >.

Generally every tag is closed by </tag>.

<tag> content </tag>

Example: <p> tag is used for paragraph.
        <h1> tag is used for headings.

2).HTML Elements

Elements is an individual component of a web page which is used to define the structure of a webpage.


This is the syntax of the element for paragraph.

This is the syntax of element for heading.

3).HTML Attribute

In HTML when we use tags like <p>,<pre> or <h1> then we use it simply without specifying how the text should be displayed.

  • To add extra information to the tag we use attributes.

  • Attributes have two parts: name and the value. value part should be written in quote;either in single quote '' or in double quote "".

  • To write attribute for some tag we write it as follows:
    <tag name="value"> content </tag>

Attribute for img tag:

src attribute used to provide URL of image.

alt attribute is used as alternative text when image is not available.

Attribute for anchor tag:

href specifies a link to any address.

Inline style attribute:

style attribute adds additional information as how our text or web page to be presented.